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Create a poster series, print publication and digital publication for a conference or event.


Branding, Print Advertising, Editorial


Impossible Ideas

Creative Strategy: TEDx (Technology, Entertainment, Design) hosts a series of local events in cities around the world to support Ideas Worth Spreading. Due to the breadth of ideas shared within the community, as well as the international reach, TEDx's rebrand is heavily dictated by the nameplate. By focusing on challenging perspective within letterforms and retaining a familiar typographic treatment already known to the public, a letterform system can be utilized to extend the brand further.

Nameplate Alphabet

Poster Series

Delft Manhattan


This monthly publication, distributed at all TEDx events, features recent noteworthy articles, talks, recommendations, and advancements in the TED community to help spread good ideas further. The publication offers an opportunity for entertainment between speeches, while acting as a notetaking resource during a presentation. Additionally, a digital version of the publication is available to extend the reach of TEDx globally.

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