Morgan Gerber


Awards and Recognition

Texas State Hackathon 2015, Best Design

Team Members

Savannah Menchaca, Emily Gore, Caleb Pase


Design and build an app to make you a better digital citizen within 36 hours at the Texas State Hackathon.


User Experience, User Interface

Savor app

Creative Objective: With 40% of food in America never reaching our mouths and 1/7 hungry, we set to repurpose unused food by creating a mobile platform to showcase opportunities for food to be given, received or dropped off at local organizations in need to curb hunger, reduce proverty, and provide for a more sustainable world.

The application is designed to accommodate consumers and businesses looking to get, give, or donate unused goods. A musician traveling on biofuel, low-income hungry families, neighbors with an excess of eggs from their coop, gardeners seeking fresh compost, or individuals who are looking to serve their community in a life-sustaining way.


Savor was chosen for its ability to reference the flavor of foods, while presenting the solution to a global problem. Savor's color palette is fresh, complimenting the playful mark depicting fruit in a cyclical manner.

Identity Icons Mockup
Wireframe Wireframe
Mockup Mockup