Morgan Gerber

Jane & Jo

Awards and Recognition

Austin Addy's, Integrated Branding Campaign, Silver
Graphis New Talent Annual, Merit

Team Members

Martha Fierro, Stephanie Rodriguez, Allison Traugott


Create an integrated campaign for a new cannabis-infused coffee pod to be launched in Denver, Colorado.


Integrated Campaign, Branding, Package Design, User Experience, User Interface, Print Advertising, Social Media


Coffee + Cannabis = Culture

You are crafters, tasters, adapters, navigators, series bingers, hand builders, multitaskers, makers, movers, shakers, and challengers. You believe in experiences. We believe in your potential, be it healing or enjoyment, to create consistent personal experiences with premium cannabis-infused coffee. From cultivation to cup, our product works its way through the hands of passionate local farmers and artisan roasters before reaching you. We put in our effort so you don’t have to. We are committed to crafting a product that meets ISO standards for you, the enjoyer of finer things.

Strategy: Existing cannabis brands cater to the well-known stigma surrounding marijuana, making it difficult to please individuals interested in more than the typical high. Few brands have attempted to tap into a higher market, leaving ample room for Jane & Jo’s cannabis-infused coffee. In an effort to reach this new market, Jane & Jo is aspiring to attain the upper class customer who has a disposable income, and appreciates the quality of craft.

Creative Solution: Jane & Jo’s Better Together integrated campaign focuses on highlighting the coming together of coffee and cannabis. The campaign is built around an interactive website, a traditional print campaign, a strong social presence, an app that allows fellow users to engage with those around them, and merchandise that further enhances the culture of the Jane & Jo community.


The letterform’s rounded strokes demand a sense of playfulness, while the careful spacing adds sophistication and a grid-like quality reminiscent of the scientific process Jane & Jo is no stranger to. The ampersand’s unique geometry complements the final character, mimicking a coffee mug. The mug discretely references a measuring dial, while providing Jane & Jo with a responsive logomark.



Personalization could only be achieved by providing a large variety of doses. With so many options, Jane & Jo carefully highlights each cup’s distinct characteristics to ensure the customer never mistakes their cup for another’s. Decaf is represented in green, while caffeinated is a bolder violet. Each dosage is displayed numerically and visually, using a consistent method. Medicinal and recreational servings are distinguished by a well-recognized symbol to satisfy regulations and streamline the selection process.

With environmentally-conscious packaging that is easy to ship, Jane & Jo is able to maximize output while keeping costs down. The interior packaging reinforces Jane & Jo’s quality by providing a statement of the brand’s standards. Users have freedom to create a variety pack of their preferred cups by filling a provided two-pack or six-pack. Once every cup has been enjoyed, the package can be refilled or laid flat to recycle.


The story of Jane & Jo is the focus of the company’s online presence. With the option to slide left for Jane or right for Jo, one can discover the entire process from seed to cup. The site provides education on ISO dosages, product information, a commerce shop, and an opportunity to dive into the company’s culture, while the product availability map will encourage customers to return.


Mobile App

Cue is an extension of Jane & Jo’s culture, through which they are able to connect with the community and indirectly promote their product. The community can explore places and activities or contribute to the discovery by pinning new cues publicly or privately. From art exhibits, dispensaries, or hidden hiking trails to the best restaurants to try, Cue consistently provides users with the best pairings.
Explore Cue in Invision.

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App App App App

Print Campaign

Inspired by the possibilities accompanying Jane & Jo’s personalized doses, this multi-piece print campaign showcases individuals holding their perfect cup.

Print Ad Print Ad Print Ad Print Ad Print Ad


A variety of merchandise is available for purchase through Jane & Jo’s website and in select dispensaries. These branded items forge a stronger culture by allowing individuals to show their loyalty.

Tote Tshirt Patches

Social Media

Due to federal regulations, advertising for cannabis at this time is extremely restricted. Social media poses as an alternative, allowing Jane & Jo to target specific interests and age targets. Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook play a pivotal role in connecting the community.


Twitter allows Jane & Jo to utilize hashtags such as #BetterTogether, #JaneandJo, and #CannabisCoffee for brand recognition. In addition, using trending hashtags allows Jane & Jo to feast on existing culture and get involved in conversations outside of their niche.


Instagram's visually driven platform lets Jane & Jo incite curiosity and adventure through curated photographs, captions, and hashtags. Whether it is a photo in reference to the process, product, or instances in which coffee is desired, Jane & Jo creates an overall mood that drives someone to learn more or share their own “mug shot” with the community. Each post is designed to form an overarching color scheme in reference to the dynamic color blocking consistent in the brand.


Facebook is a valuable resource for Jane & Jo with the ability to gain traction around the brand and have a platform where customers can discuss the product. Being able to communicate through Facebook allows for content that is direct and engaging, while recognizing advertising restrictions. Through promotion of local up-and-coming events and information about the newest cannabis laws, Jane & Jo creates a community driven page that followers will return to.


Pinterest allows Jane & Jo to create a space for individuals to discover carefully curated content that encourages exploration, craft, and socialization with boards relating to recipes, hiking tips, seasonal inspiration, and creative ways to reuse coffee pods.