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Camp Gladiator

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Tilted Chair Creative


Redesign the user experience and user interface for the existing camper app.


User Experience, User Interface

CG App Design from Tilted Chair Creative on Vimeo.

Camp Gladiator approached Tilted Chair Creative looking for an update to their current camper application. As part of the interaction design team, we worked closely with CG to make sure camper's could make the most of their membership. The new app improved the check-in process with touch verification and streamlined how a camper investigates, saves, and travels to a camp. The app also introduced a tracking dashboard to monitor progress, while motivating campers to level up.

Download the iOS or Android app.

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The Flowchart started with white boards and sticky notes before arriving here. This was integral to mapping out the exact needs of the app as a whole before any interface was designed.


Wireframing allowed the UX team to solve the large problems quickly by tracking movement, understanding placement of features, and studying user interactions during prototyping.


Icons became a great universal way to represent everything we needed from highlighting search inquiries to nutritional assessment.


The Dashboard, being deeply rooted in personal goals, provides a new space for data to be presented quickly and effectively. This was an integral part of this project and ultimately dictated all designs to come.